Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Where to really begin with this post, the past few weeks seem like a blur, a frenzy of so much going on. Softball got started with a lot of excitement from Selena. The weather was not as cooperative, any many practices were cancelled. Here is a picture though of Selena playing 3rd base in one of our practice games against one of the other teams.

Unfortunately coach pitch ended up being harder then Selena imagined. Normally we would have asked her to stick it out and do her best, but the frustration was compounding on itself over her inability to hit the ball. It became such an obsession for her that she was loosing sleep, so the decision was made to stop playing. She was involved in the decision and really feels pretty good about it. Sure we know she is sad, but we reminded her that she is not a loser, nobody loses so long as they try, and give it their all, which believe me she did that!

The day after this decision Selena finally spoke up and started talking about how mean the girls were being towards her. We had been watching this from the first practice and we were fully aware what some of the girls were doing. Selena wasn't the only one being picked on. At the above game the girls even went as far as to tell Selena it was her turn to get up and strike out again. Selena seemed like she ignored the girls, and proudly held her head high as she went up to try to hit that ball.

By batting practice following this game, the bullying was escalating to more physical assaults. Teasing and tormenting the girls with the bats, until Selena got hit over the head with a bat, and the coaches daughter got hit in the face. Hearing as Selena put all this stuff in words made me realize I could no longer sit back and wait. I contacted both the coach and the President of the softball organization.

Selena and I had a very long discussion about this matter, and what a good day for that discussion but on April 1st. We used this day to show what is fun normal joking, and what is not. We then talked about standing up against bullying.

I hear many parents complain about bullying in the schools, how mean other kids are, but I feel there is one way to stop this is to Speak Up, We Did!

We joined our homeschool group for a field trip at the local radio station. The kids all had so much fun and learned a lot. They were aired live on radio which was heard by some of our neighbors, as they represented the homeschoolers of our County. They even recorded them and played that the following morning, which Selena was so excited to hear. Below are just a few random shots from the field trip, enjoy!

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  1. I'm sorry she was being bullied. Does it look like the coach and/or the organization is going to do anything about it?

  2. Coach pitching is HARD, especially the first year. Too bad the other girls don't realize that :(. I hope Selena can find something else with good kids to be part of. The radio station looks like fun!

  3. I am glad you spoke up. I wonder why the coach was not taking action when his own daughter was also the one being bullied. This is not what sports are supposed to be about. By the way, one thing that I like about our school is its zero tolerance policy to bullying including verbal teasing.

  4. It's very upsetting to read about the bullying. It sounds like Selena reacted just the right way, by ignoring the girls, and then opening up to you. How awful would it be to feel bullied, and not have a caring adult to turn to?