Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sharks Part 1

We started our unit study on Sharks this week. While much of the information about sharks has been a review for Selena, she is still excited and learning a lot more then she already knew. So far she has learned that Sharks do not have bones instead their skeleton is made of cartilage, like what we have in our ears and the tip of our nose. We played a bit with a wooden stick and a hard piece of flexible rubber to see the difference in how a bone and how cartilage would make a sharks body move through the water.

One interesting fact that Selena learned was that a shark has the ability to feel electricity movement in the water helping them in finding food. We looked at several different types of sharks including rays, Selena was surprised to learn that a ray is in the shark family.

Today we discussed food chains and how important they are for the environment. I set up several different food chains from our water source, how we get milk and meat, to Ocean life. After our discussion I asked Selena to draw her own food chain which is pictured above as she explained it to me.

Tonight we will go to the gym and expand on our lessons with swimming. I wonder if Selena will give the kids in the play area a lesson on sharks, while I am working out with my personal trainer?

We are also excited since our new math curriculum arrived today to get started working with it. Look for a post on that to come.
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  1. I really like the photo. She looks so happy explaining things.

  2. I agree and was thinking the same thing! She looks so happy! I'm so glad to see her enjoying school again. We all know she loves to learn!

  3. I am catching up! Sharks is such a fascinating subject to learn. I hope Selena will enjoy school again!