Wednesday, February 26, 2014

George Washington part 2

We are finishing up our Unit Study on George Washington. I had hoped to squeeze in a little more work, but am thrilled with what we have accomplished. We have learned so much and I am thrilled to hear Selena exclaim with excitement when she discovers interesting facts about George Washington.

Two books we read that I felt were excellent for this unit study, and very appropriate for the younger child were:

George Washington Our First President by Garnet Jackson and President George Washington by David A. Adler. Both books start with his childhood, and look into his education, military life, marriage, and Presidency. We enjoyed a day devoted to relaxed cuddling on the couch reading these two books and many more. I believe these two books by far were Selena's favorites as well.

Selena thought it was very interesting that George Washington enjoyed math and studied on his own to become known as a great surveyor, many farmers called upon him to survey their properties so they knew how much seed to buy for the next year.

I think one of the most interesting facts that Selena is still talking about is the fact that not only was George Washington our first President, but he was also the General in the Revolution War, and lead us to our freedom from England. As she stated, "He truly is the reason we are the country we are!"

We have one more day finishing up some little work, then we will take a short break from history and move on to some science. I am waiting for all of our new curriculum to roll in, and look forward to blogging more from our homeschool.

Some have been following our journey with Selena. We have bounced all over with different opinions on what is going on, from bipolar, to ADHD. We visited with her pediatrician yesterday who was so surprised over the difference in Selena. We discussed everything that Selena has carried on her shoulders, the worries and fears, the confusion of the past 7 years, and have come to a conclusion that mostly she is just like any other foster child. Now with the adoption behind us and she has had a good month to settle into her forever family we are seeing huge changes. We still deal with some anxieties along with some OCD, but over all she is the sweet girl we had a few years ago before the turmoil entered her little life.  
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  1. Great study. I am glad that she is feeling calmer now.

  2. I am so happy to see this update. I was wondering how much Selena was reacting to what was happening to her younger siblings. It must be a huge relief for her to know that nobody can take her away from you. Great study - we love David Adler picture biographies!

  3. So glad to hear she is doing so much better! I'm also glad that you found a learning activity that you both love :). Looking forward to what you all choose next!