Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Baby Is Growing Up

Dear Selena,

How can it be that today you turn 7 years old? We are celebrating so much here this month, but your birthday certainly has not been forgotten. With a trip to Chuck E Cheese, on Wednesday with very special friends, you experienced a full afternoon of total bliss. It is hard to believe that I could fill your pockets with tokens and hardly see you except when you came running back with a hand full of tickets for me to keep, then off again you ran to find and explore all the games and fun. Every so often from across the room I would hear your sweet little laugh or a squeal of joy. Now tonight for the second part of your birthday with more family friends, birthday cake and presents.

What else are we celebrating besides your birthday, and Christmas of course? Well, let's see let's start with the little things that you are so over the top about. Your thrilled to know that Uncle TJ and Marie are not only going to have a baby, which you wish would come today, but sorry honey it won't be here until Summer, but the fact that they are getting married next week. You love your new Aunt already, and Grandma has a little secret, she thinks Marie is pretty sweet too, and couldn't imagine a nicer Daughter-in-law.

Now for the Greatest thing we get to celebrate as this year comes to an end, yes, that is right your adoption! We are so close now, just waiting for the GAL to email us her report for our approval, then off to the Attorney it goes to be filed in court next week! We will be your forever family before the end of the year! We couldn't be happier to  make this dream come true for you, but there is one more piece to this puzzle, that's right you are also making our dream of a forever family come true as well!

We love how much you are growing, you remind us every day how smart you are, but not only that but you prove to us how smart you are and how quick you learn new things. Your passion for the world around you remains your constant, and I love the way you see the world.

I look forward to the next year with you, for the newness of your forever family, and for all the laughter, fun, and joy that you bring into our home.

Grandma (Soon to be Mom)
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  1. That was such a beautiful post. Congratulations on so many blessings! Happy Birthday to Selena!

  2. Happy Birthday, Selena and congratulations!

  3. Oh, I am so happy that your adoption journey is almost over. Happy birthday to Selena, and I wish your son and his almost wife all the best!

  4. A very happy birthday - and happy almost-adoption day to Selena!

  5. Happy birthday Selena, and congratulations on how close the adoption is to done!