Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Week


What would Halloween be without our pumpkin? Of course this year Selena was insistent she was going to do it all by herself. We didn’t allow her to use the knives to cut the pumpkin, but she did manage to scrape every single piece of gunk and seeds out all by herself. This year however, we did things a little different. Instead of doing this early enough to make pumpkin pie, we waited until evening to carve the pumpkin. We had a power outage early that morning, and since it was out for several hours, Selena and I actually drove to Lacey and spent the day with friends. She wanted to make a Jack-O- Lantern anyway so after she cleaned it all out I asked her what type of Jack-O-Lantern she wanted. She was pretty surprised, but gladly described the Jack-O-Lantern of her choice.


After we finished up with our Pumpkin fun we cleaned up and Selena got to put her costume on. Now her costume came from our friends in Lacey. Both her girl’s wore this when they were Selena’s age. It is so pretty and I still can’t believe she loaned it to Selena. It is velvet, has pearls around the neck line like a necklace. Came complete with the hoop to give it the full skirt affect.



She played Queen Selena all night long. If you have followed our blog for long you know that we do not celebrate Halloween in the traditional fashion of going trick or treating. We did have fun having such beautiful royalty in our home for the evening though.

School has been going well, while a little slow since it does require so much more writing on Selena’s part. We usually can get through 3 subjects a day depending on how much writing there is to do. Some pages might take us a couple of days to complete when it asks her to write every number from 1 to 100. Not that she isn’t able to do it, but being only 6 and working on such intense material does make it a little more difficult for her to complete it all. We will get through all this beginning review and move on to new concepts soon, and then I believe things will smooth out for her.

She has also been having fun helping me in the kitchen of late. She took her lesson on how to peel a potato pretty serious, and actually peeled two potatoes all by herself.

DSCF2091Off topic here, many of us blog to share with family, some blog to have a way to remember the fun moments with our children, and other’s blog to share information or fun activities with whoever may come by their blog. When I first started this blog I truly had no direction for it. One of my first posts was in part to my memories of my family and their homestead, which you can read more about here.  This week to my surprise I had someone leave a comment on this post. As we dug a little bit, shuffling back and forth information we discovered that we are actually cousins. We never really know who will come across our blog. We’ve had so much fun sharing so much information about this place, our families homestead. It has been especially interesting for me, since she grew up not far from this homestead, something I always dreamed of doing. Two cousins who have never met, didn’t even know each other existed has now been united by one simple blog post.

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  1. I love her costume. It is beautiful. Happy Halloween.

  2. Anna is a little older than Selena and still merely tolerates writing. It's much better this year though! Selena's pumpkin looks gorgeous!