Sunday, October 27, 2013

Second Grade


We put away the rest of our first grade material a couple of weeks ago and officially opened our second grade curriculum. It is going well, a little slow, but only because there is just so much more writing in second grade. We are proud of the hard work Selena is putting into school though and while we are still in that refresh mode, and things seem repetitive to her she is sticking it out and getting it all done.

I was amazed in how just 2 days in the public school they had managed to tear Selena’s self esteem apart. I have a hard time believing that the teacher said anything directly to Selena, though that wouldn’t surprise me, but would rather think she said something to someone within Selena’s hearing range. Selena came home with no ambition to even try, she informed me the teacher told her she was not good enough at coloring and could not even cut with scissors. She felt very ashamed and was already giving up on even trying.

This was a perfect time for both Papa and I to step up though and prove her teacher wrong. I pulled out the old beginners cutting book from our stack of Kumon work books, and it wasn’t long with both of us working with her before she quickly moved away from the easy cutting to the more difficult cutting in the back of the book. Her self esteem started to sky rocket.

This also created a self desire to improve her coloring skills. While Selena doesn’t truly enjoy coloring, but I think this has more to do with her OCD then it does with her ability, she is proud of the fact that she can stand up and say “I am good at these things!” We do want to get her a color crayon tower, so that her crayons will be more organized then just in a pencil box, I think this will help her to feel more organized and more willing to do more coloring.

It is amazing to watch her grow, and to realize that in just a couple of months she will be 7 years old. Not only that but by then she will be ours! The adoption will be final! 

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  1. I was just thinking about you guys today, and wondering how Selena was doing with her school year - glad to read things are on an upward path.

  2. I am glad Selena is enjoying her second year. There is a lot of coloring in Anna's class, and she is merely tolerating that. I think it's important for our girls to learn that they do not have to be the best and the first in everything they do, but they are expected to put their best foot forward while doing things that are asked of them.

  3. Poor girl, it is hard to do things you don't like. My boys go back and forth on liking coloring and hating it.
    I'm sure she's going to love 2nd grade.

  4. Wow. I have been out of it. I missed that she came home! Darn FB burying your status updates. I'm glad :). I think she does so well at hsing!