Saturday, July 13, 2013

Great Friday

Yesterday my son called and said they were on their way to our house. They were over this way and thought they would stop in to say hi. I hadn’t said much to Selena about them being over here, so she was pretty excited to hear they would be over in a few hours. She actually decided the house needed to be spruced up, (the nice thing about a child with OCD) she dusted, put things away and even vacuumed for me.

When they got here of course you know she was excited to see them, she was however taken a little back when his girl friend’s mom was with them. Selena has now decided she doesn’t like strangers in our home. Selena was friendly toward her but definitely kept her distance. They of course brought her a gift, a very cute pink t-shirt from the Tillamook Cheese Factory. They had fudge for Papa and gave me a package of scones mix.


After they left we got word that Selena’s new glasses were ready. After only 6 months her eye sight had improved enough that she complained the other glasses made her vision blurry and refused to wear them. A couple of weeks ago we went in and had her vision re checked and she got to pick out a new pair of glasses. After we picked up her glasses I took her shopping for a small tent. She either builds a fort or sits under the dining room table when she gets too worked up and needs to calm down from her anxieties, so we thought maybe a small tent would work as well.


We are preparing to head off on vacation in a couple of weeks. We are headed to Spokane, well the first part of the trip we will find ourselves way up in Northern Washington on Priest River. All of us siblings are getting together on my brother’s river property for a much needed family reunion. We will then drive back down to Spokane, where we will get to meet Selena’s little brother for the first time, and spend an entire day with our son before coming home.

Selena isn’t sure about the camping trip at the river, but I know once she gets up there she will discover it is a lot of fun and will enjoy being outdoors the whole time.

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  1. It must be exciting for Selena to think of meeting her little brother!

  2. I certainly think that Selena will enjoy the trip and camping experience. More exposure might help her control her anxieties better. How nice of your son to surprise you that way!

  3. Camping will be really fun and seeing all of your family! I bet Selena will be really excited to see her brother.