Thursday, June 20, 2013

Winding down


While Selena is not in the above picture this is her softball team. She wasn’t in it as it was a drizzly rain all day long, she chose to not go out in the rain to get a team picture, something I think she regretted very much after. I had hoped to make her a photo book from all her games but then we ended up helping the coaching staff, so instead I will get prints of the pictures I do have and ask other parents for copies of any pictures they may have and put her together a nice framed collage to go with the trophy she will receive on Saturday.

As we come to a close though it has been a tough one for Selena. We had a two week break around Memorial Day, no games and no practices. Coming back from that break has taken it’s toll on all the kids, but Selena really seemed to take it hard. Not only had she fell out of sink from the break she came back to discover that her coach was missing. He his in Hawaii on vacation, so they are finishing out the end of the season without him. As I type this we have two more games to get through, then Papa and I are throwing the team a pizza party and awards will be given out.


We are also winding down a bit in school. Selena still has a few booklets to finish up over the summer before moving on to second grade, but I want to incorporate a lot more fun reading, not that we don’t read enough as is. I am helping Selena pick out a few books that will be read with activities through out the day.

Today one of the books I chose was “Here Comes Silent e!” By Anna Jame Hays. We enjoyed reading the book, well, Selena read the entire book to me. I then wrote many of the root words on the board, then had Selena add the silent e and write the new words. I am so proud of the progress she has made this year in her writing, to think when we first started Selena struggled with many of the letters, and chose to not use a curriculum to learn how to write.

Now if only we can get some beautiful sunny weather to go out and really feel that Summer is here.

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  1. Wow, the softball season is so short! I am kind of glad that Anna is in all-year gymnastics. I love this picture of Selena with her silent E work.

  2. I'm sure it will be a beautiful summer no matter what the weather does.

  3. It is a time of changes, for sure. She is so cute in that photo.