Friday, June 7, 2013

Selena Created Science Experiment

A few months back I told Selena we would try to grow some avocado plants from our avocado pits. She has been pretty excited to watch as they sprout roots and now are getting the first sign of a trunk.

One day as I was adding water to the containers I seen something in the bottom of one. I asked Selena what was in the water with the avocado pit. She informed me that she put an apple seed in the water. I didn’t bother and just left it there.

A few weeks past and I was adding water to our jars when I discovered that the apple seed actually sprouted roots. Again I just left it in the water. A couple more weeks went by and we discovered it was getting green leaves, so I pulled it out and put it in it’s own container.

We now have a small Apple Sapling.


Selena is so proud of her science experiment. I guess the next step will be to put it in a pot and allow it to mature a bit. Then we will have to decide where we want to plant it. To think Selena has grown an apple tree from one simple seed that she chose to plop in a cup of water. WOW! I am definitely impressed.

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  1. Cool. Selena must have a green thumb. We tried it several times with no luck.

  2. I didn't know an apple seed would sprout and grow leaves that full in just water - very neat!

  3. Kitchen gardening is so much fun. My boys aren't as into it as I am, however. I wonder how long it takes for an apple tree to grow from seed until it bears fruit?