Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chose Our Curriculum for Next Year

With the Washington Homeschool Organization’s Convention next weekend, I decided it was time to be making a list of what I would be looking for. We’ve enjoyed our curriculum this year, but I felt like something was lacking in it, mainly in that it didn’t push or challenge Selena in the reading area. I want to continue using this curriculum especially since Selena met it with such raves.

I knew we would automatically move right on into 2nd grade math since right now math is her weakest subject. I also want to follow the same path with English and word building by staying in 2nd grade since I feel Selena needs that good foundation in the basics of English and Spelling.

After asking her to read some more advanced books I have, one is high school level and the other is a Middle School level, (I was working hardest to easiest to nail down where a grade level) it came very obvious she able to handle early Middle School reading with a great comprehension skill.

I decided that we would jump her grade level in Science and Social Studies/History to keep her more challenged in the reading area. We will also add Literature/Creative Writing and their Bible curriculum. Thank goodness for Sample pages of the ACE curriculum at as Selena was able to look through the Science and selected the 3rd grade level, It really seemed to hold so much of what she is so interested in when it comes to Science, so I feel it will be a great place for her to start.

Now when I go to the convention next Friday I will already have an idea of what I want to really dig into, and possibly purchase.

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  1. Good luck! This is one of the big advantages of homeschooling that your child can work at different age levels and move at her own pace.

  2. Isn't it great to figure out what you're going to use for the next year: I've still got a few that I'm trying to nail down for us. I'm possibly switching math curriculum.