Sunday, May 5, 2013

Opening Day Ceremony and First Game

Yesterday was a very busy day. We had to be at Opening Day Ceremonies at 9:30 a.m. then turn around and be at a completely different field at 2:30 for Selena’s first Softball game of the season. We had beautiful weather for both, though by the time of the game we were looking at 84 degrees, with no shade to be found at the field.


Before we left home we headed out for a photo shoot. I love the above picture as Selena is carrying all her equipment, it just speaks opening day for Softball.


It is hard work to unpack every thing from the bag, and to think I was making her do this just for a photo shoot.

DSCF1772 DSCF1773
DSCF1774 DSCF1776
DSCF1786 DSCF1790

Opening Ceremonies was really pretty neat. They had all the teams lined up around the baseball diamond, starting with the oldest down to the T-Ball teams. After all the awards for the most raffle tickets, the presenting the colors (flag) and raffle drawing, they had a very special girl throw the first pitch. This little girl had been diagnosed with a very rare non-operative brain tumor, and has spent her tender years fighting for everyday. When asked who her favorite ball player was to catch the first pitch she proudly announced her brother. Then came the introduction of the teams. As each girl was introduced they ran from third base to home plate then took their right full place around the diamond. Selena kind of skipped home base and took a short cut just to get all the high fives.

DSCF1792 DSCF1797
DSCF1802 DSCF1799

I know there is a lot of pictures in this post, but hey they tell a story all in themselves. Now for the game. Sorry the one picture of Selena batting is blurry, but it isn’t always as easy to get the perfect shot when everything is in motion.



All the girls were totally exhausted after the game but none were complaining as they all exited the field with smiles on their face. Our next game is Wednesday. We are still suppose to have sunny skies but a little cooler weather, which I believe we are all hoping for.

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