Friday, May 3, 2013

Good Weather is Back!


On Wednesday our we woke knowing we had to go buy Selena a new bat, since her other bat got broke at the last practice. She has her first game on Saturday so off to the sporting goods store her and I went. We also decided to buy her her own batting helmet. There is just something about sharing hats and such that just does not get my approval. You bet once we got home she had to get her equipment and head out for some practice and try out her new bat.


You bet she hit that ball for me to take a picture of. I got a kick out of her though telling Papa that Mama picked out the bat. I did take the bat off the rack, but Selena was so taken by the wooden bats that she wouldn’t look at any of the rest of the bats on the rack. I guess she is right in a way that I did pick the bat out but only because she wouldn’t take her eyes off the wooden bats long enough to look at the bats that she could have. I was thrilled when we found the batting helmet especially since it is adjustable so it will grow with her.


Of course after our batting and catching practice it was time for some fun. Guess who Selena found…that is right Nibbles. I don’t think these little wooly bear caterpillars will ever be called anything but Nibbles. Selena had me run in and grab our new Nature book to see if it had any new information from what we had already learned. She wanted to know in particular when Nibbles would begin to build his/her cocoon. We discovered that it is probably looking for the perfect place now. We had learned earlier that they hibernate in he Winter, now we discovered that in Spring, April or May they find the perfect spot and build their cocoon.


I hope that Selena never looses her love or passion for nature and the world around her. It makes me so happy to see her so at peace when she is exploring the world around her.

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  1. Great find! We've seen our first ladybug of the season, but it's still snowing on and off, so most of the insects are hunkered down.