Friday, March 29, 2013

Tid Bits of Our Week

Nothing to really report as for actual homeschooling, though you know we are learning all the time. This has been a crazy week with an emergency trip to the dentist on Monday. We’ve been waiting for sometime for one of Selena’s baby teeth to fall out. It kept getting looser and looser but would not come out. On Sunday during church her tooth started bleeding, it wouldn’t stop and bled all day long. We tried everything, first to get the tooth out which wasn’t going to happen, to packing it with ice and gauze. Monday I called the dentist and off to Olympia we headed. They took a quick x-ray and we could see that the permanent tooth was pushing all the way through the skin, but that baby tooth was not going to budge. The dentist finally got it worked loose and twisted the baby tooth un lodging it from the permanent tooth.

Monday evening started softball practice. We couldn’t ask for a better evening to begin either. It was warm enough that we could be out there with out our heavy coats. I think Selena is really going to enjoy this year, her team consists of 9 girls instead of so many trying to take turns at bat, and positions. Just enough girls that every position is covered, and then they can rotate from there. Not only that but we have three wonderful coaches. She also is very familiar with many of the girls from within the community. Saturday will be her next practice and she is truly looking forward to it.

Yesterday we had to go to Tumwater for Selena’s one month follow up with her eye doctor. We got the best news there. Selena no longer has to patch her eye, we now have 20/20 vision in both eyes with the glasses! We will go back in 4 months to check and see that this continues to be the case. He did recommend that sometime between the age of 8 to 11 years old that we get contacts for her. He said it would be better for her brain instead of looking through the glasses, since one lens has to be so thick, it makes things look so much larger, where the other lens doesn’t do that. He explained that at that critical age the brain can once again have trouble reading what is being seen through the glasses, and contacts would prevent this.

Starting today we will begin our Easter tradition with coloring eggs. The weekend is suppose to be really warm and sunny so we will enjoy Saturday outside. If the weather continues, we might actually have our Easter egg hunt outside for the first time ever. Now to me that would be the best Easter for Selena to get up and run around looking for eggs outside! We will see and keep you posted. 

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  1. We have had a lot of medical appointments lately, too.

  2. It's great that patch worked out so well and so quickly! We are all decorated for Easter and look forward to an Easter hunt too!

  3. So we weren't the only ones with an emergency dentist visit this week. You had an exciting week too.