Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bountiful Basket Week 6


I went and picked up our Bountiful Basket this morning. Just looking at all the good fruit we received is making me hungry. What did we get this week?

2 green leaf lettuce

1 broccoli

1 cauliflower

4 yellow onions

2 papaya

9 bananas

4 lemons

4 grapefruit

4 oranges

Then I added on 5 loaves of honey 100% whole wheat bread.

Let me take a moment and tell you about their bread. We were not sure the first time we added bread to our basket, but now we are totally sold and have a hard time thinking of purchasing bread from the grocery store. We get 5 loaves, which I freeze and take out a loaf as needed. We consider it to be comparable to the top brand breads you can purchase at your local grocery store which cost around $4.00 to $5.00 per loaf. We contribute $12.00 for 5 loaves, which works out to be $2.40 per loaf, cutting our bread bill in half.

We will have a lot of tossed green salads this week, with the lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and some radishes we have left from last week.

I will run my onions through my food processor and freeze for use in recipes calling for onion. This is very quick and easy and a great way to not waste onion by discovering half an onion stuffed in the back of the refrigerator that you forgot. 

Fruit will just be eaten.

Lemons…what does one do with so many lemons? Well, I suppose you could make lemon juice. Last week we received 3 lemons. Someone made a comment about grating them up and freezing them, then shared the link to this post at Blue Butterflies and Me. I sat out to give this a try and not having my new food processor yet, I grated mine up by hand.


I love this idea, we had fish the other night, I just pulled out my bag of lemon from the freezer, broke it up a bit and sprinkled lemon and zest on my fish before I baked it. This was so much easier then fussing with squeezing juice from the fresh lemon. After dinner to get rid of the fishy smell from my counter tops and my hands, I again went to my bag of frozen lemon, took some out and washed everything down with it and warm water. I can just imagine on those hot days of summer when Selena is not one to find a slice of lemon in her water, just taking a pinch or two of this and adding it to her water bottle to help keep her hydrated while running around in the heat.

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