Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why Did God Make Holes?

We were reading today in our Science that on the third day of creation God made earth, but he also made holes in the Earth. I stopped Selena right there and asked her, “Why do you think God made holes in our earth?” She wasn’t too sure of her answer, so I ran and grabbed some supplies, we moved quickly to the dining room table where we explored the answer to this question.

Normally this would be an experiment that I would have taken outside, in the dirt for some real muddy fun, but our weather is not quite cooperative for this type of experiment this time of year. With that said I went to the next best thing, a pie tin, some flour and water.


With a cup of flour in the pie tin, I tried to flatten it out as much as I could and we poured a little bit of water on it. Selena could quickly see that the water went where ever it wanted.


As you can see, Selena quickly made a hole before I could even snap the picture, she was going to have as much fun before Mama said this is enough! With our hole made we then poured water just into the hole. Selena quickly could see a lake form.


Then the fun really began, as we attempted to make a river. Once the first river was made then Selena was ready to dig right in and create as many rivers as she could, knowing Mama was going to put everything up too quickly.


This will be an experiment that we will do a lot more with when we can get outside and get really muddy.

I am linking this up at Adventures in momydom’s Science Sunday.

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  1. How interesting. I didn't realize you meant that kind of holes. Very neat experiment!

  2. I hadn't realized you meant those kinds of holes either. I like this explanation, it's SOOOOO much fun!

    Thanks for linking up!