Monday, January 14, 2013

Softball Equals P.E.


One of the things we were struggling with to complete our homeschool was P.E. There is a couple of groups that meet once a week for P.E. but either direction I would travel would be about 40 miles or more. If you have followed me for long or follow me on Facebook, you already know that we are quite the sports family.

Last year Selena missed the registration for Softball, so we put her in Little League. The difference between the two basically is that one is set up for girls and one for boys, though Little League was organized for either boys or girls, so yes, they could not turn Selena away. Selena, even though it was a rough go playing on a boy’s team, fell in love with the sport. This year I watched closer and registered her for Softball.

One of the differences with Softball, is they do a lot of skills clinics, everything from batting, catching, throwing, fielding, pitching, and base running. At Selena’s age group they work on catching, throwing, fielding, and base running. Her first clinic started last Sunday, but since she was still under the weather, we attended the first clinic last night.

Some use these clinics as more of a competitive edge, to help their young ladies be better on the field. We do not want Selena to ever feel we are pushing her in anyway, playing sports has to truly be something she wants to do. With that said, what a great answer to our dilemma about Physical Education. She is doing something she loves, and getting an hour of great exercise each week on top of it.

We are looking forward to a brand new year of Sports with Selena. Below are just a few pictures highlighting her year last year.




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  1. Do they play inside now, or is it warm enough to play outside there? I'm glad you were able to find her a girl's team this year!

  2. This is great. Good luck! We are not a team sports family, so Anna is doing gymnastics now, and we are considering switching to tennis as she really wants to learn how to play.

  3. It sounds like the softball is so much better organized! I mean that's a brilliant idea to organize skills based nights.

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