Wednesday, December 19, 2012



Monday night just after I finished wrapping up all our Christmas, I turned around to discover it was snowing. I knew that come morning I would have one pretty excited little girl. Sure enough I was woke up to a tap on my shoulder, as one eye opened Selena exclaimed, “Snow!”

Even though she is still struggling with her tonsils I knew I had to dress her up and take her out for some fun in the snow. While she wasn’t her normal bubbly self, she had fun walking around packing a snowball.


I got a kick out of the fact that she made the discovery that our tree, which had been blown over and growing on the ground had finally been taken out. Her comment was, “Our tree, it’s gone, it will never grow another pretty leaf again.”


She didn’t want to stay out for very long before she was ready to come in take a warm bath and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

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  1. Princess never wants to stay long in the snow either. My theory is snow is fun for about 5-10 minutes, then you want to be inside watching a movie about it.

  2. How fun. It's very cold here too, but no snow. We promised to Anna we will go to the mountains this winter, so she can finally see it.

  3. That looks like a lot of fun. I'm in the south so I don't get to see snow too often.