Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

With it being a short week, it seems like the week just got away from me. Missing Monday really threw me off, but how could we do school when Papa was home? We always cherish every moment we have to spend as a family, even though the weather was not suitable for outside activities we had so much fun laughing, playing, and talking throughout the day.

Selena continued to insist this week that all she wants for Christmas is a padded oven mitt, a jar (to put the food in that she makes), a dinosaur train, and a soft cuddly blanket. The jar just threw me, I was trying to figure that out all week long, did she want a mason jar? What type of jar did she want? Finally she told me again, I want a jar with poke-a-dots on it. I still was not getting it, so I asked her if I had one? She said so matter-of-fact, “Yes, in the cupboard!” As soon as I opened the cupboard, the light bulb went off and of course as soon as she spotted it she had to have it.


Boy if this is truly going to make her so happy I will gladly go to the dollar store and buy as many as I can!

As for school this week, we continue to work our way through all our subjects. Due to the higher volume of handwriting that meets us daily, we are making a few changes. We will probably cut back by doing Science one day, then Social Studies the next. Even the math drills are getting quite lengthy but so far Selena is not complaining about that. I am thrilled to see her handling all the reading, which really shouldn’t surprise me, as well as her ability to recall the facts of what she has read days later. She is getting more confident in her writing abilities both with the alphabet and numbers.

On another note, Monday we take Selena to a ENT Specialist. For the past month now Selena has had swollen tonsils, and is going through her second bout with strep. While she doesn’t complain too much I know she isn’t feeling herself, some days the appetite is good, and other days, well lets say she just eats softer foods. I will keep you posted on what the ENT has to say.

We are looking forward to another short week, and for Thanksgiving. We will be staying home and I will be cooking our feast. We use to go to my Uncle’s for Thanksgiving, and while I love to see my family, I truly just love to be at home doing the cooking myself. Plus then we get all the left overs! 

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  1. We have days for different subjects too. Math and English everyday, but history, geography, science and the like each have their own days. It works for us.

  2. We are still finding our stride for how we do subjects. Math and reading are everyday it's the others I'm figuring out

  3. I hope ENT will be able to advise something. I am hosting Thanksgiving too and looking forward to the turkey feast.