Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week Wrap up

Our week started out a little rough, Selena wanted to push the limits in school, she was wanting to only do half the work, hurry through making careless mistakes, or scribble on some of the pages. I finally had to put my foot down and establish a few new rules.

  1. No cartoon until all school work is done.
  2. No cartoon if school work does not show that she is trying her best.
  3. No cartoon if we have a bad attitude.

Boy, Selena has taken all these rules very seriously. She awakes of a morning, waits patiently for her breakfast, then runs and gets dressed and is ready to get started in school. She will sit and do all her school work in one sitting and with not one complaint. Though at times she tries to talk me into letting her do something the following day, if I say no, she does the work without another word.

We had been having some problems with math early on this week, I couldn’t figure out what was going on, we added the math buddies back in, tried M&M math, but Selena just wasn’t quite responding. I even tried the simple number line.


That still wasn’t quite cutting it with Selena. Finally it dawned on me, she has been working with these methods for the last couple of years, she is wanting something new. We are now focusing on counting forward, that has her intrigued to think she can look at 5 + 4 and just start from 5 and count 4 more to get the answer. She is allowed to place 4 small dots on her paper next to the problem, to assist her in her counting.

We’ve taken a lot of relaxed time with bird watching, a lot of play filled with laughter, watching the Lion King II, and a little money play. I thought it was so cute when Selena took quarters and pennies to make Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and a second Mickey Mouse.


Of course Selena had to show me how she could turn herself into Mickey, if only I would have had a bow handy she would have been Minnie.

We all had doctors appointments yesterday. Selena’s tonsils are still enlarged, so yet another culture. She really wants to avoid having her tonsils removed, but is not totally dismissing that at this point. I had to go in as early in the week, I thought I was getting a pimple on my nose, but it just was refusing to come to a head or heal, as it ends up I have an abscess so on antibiotics I had to go. I will be so glad when this family is finally all well, this has been a tough year for everyone in the community with colds, sore throats, and nasty colds.

It has been extremely damp and cold even though we have had a lot of sunshine. The cold has kept us indoors which has been rough as I know Selena truly sees the sun and yearns to run around or ride her bike.

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  1. It is wonderful that you figured out a way to make math more challenging for her. Perhaps she is ready to move on to subtraction or multiplication, too? Sounds like a great week!

  2. This week Anna's school switched to Core Standards in math. It's OK, I guess, it's simply that her real math skills are so far beyond 1st grade. I want to talk to her teacher about how to keep her challenged, because right now she is definitely not challenged in math.