Thursday, November 8, 2012

Guess What I am Game

Yesterday as we were just being rather lazy after getting our school work done, Selena escaped into her bedroom. Pretty soon she came out and told me to guess what she was. This is how she appeared.


Of course my first guess was something along the line of waiting to become a mommy. She quickly informed me “NO, I am a human stuffy!” Then proceeded to show me everything she had stuffed in her clothes.

Later in the evening she appeared looking like this, asking the same question, “Guess who what I am?”


I was laughing so hard just over her appearance I could hardly take the pictures. The second one she is showing me how upset she is because I was laughing. Truly I had no clues as to what she was trying to be, so she informed me, “I am a princess, karate, crab!” That made me laugh even harder. Just so you know those are hair pins that she put on her upper lip, no piercings took place.

There are just some days that she can be so creative in her own little way. She really knows not only how to keep herself entertained but us too.

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  1. Ahhh, bobby pins. At first I had thought she'd stuck something in her nose.