Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lazy Day

Papa had yesterday off, so we didn’t do any formal school. I took off in the morning and went to do a little shopping all by myself. Papa and Selena stayed behind to have a little Papa/Selena time of laughs.


No, that is not whipped cream on Selena’s face. She just loves to get shaving cream from Papa when ever he is shaving. She runs around like this until he is done and hands her a wash cloth to shave her own shaving cream off her face.

Out of all the different blocks we have in the house Selena’s favorites remain to be emptied egg cartons. I can hardly empty an egg carton before it disappears to take it’s place with all the rest in one particular cupboard. She loves to pull them out and stack them, make houses out of them or nests. Yesterday during her nesting time, she informed us that she was having 5 puppies, that she would feed milk from her paw.


Selena cracked us both up when she started her Christmas list. She told me that she already had a kitchen set and a Nintendo from Santa. I asked her well what more do you need? She suddenly piped up very serious and told me she wants a padded oven mitt for her play kitchen, a jar to put the food in that she makes, a dinosaur train, as well as a soft blanket for when she is cold in the morning. Now who can go wrong with a Christmas list like that?

I love days so full of laughter, innocence, and pure joy.

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  1. I certainly couldn't go wrong with that.

    My kids abscond with the egg cartons and promptly cut them up to make things.

  2. I love that she knows exactly what she wants for Christmas. This year is the first year when Anna actually started on her wish list. I was surprised to find "a pretty green and blue dress" on her list.