Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Fun

We have really enjoyed having Papa home for three days. I know it is a big adjustment for everyone to have him getting off work later four days a week, but we sure had a nice three day weekend. Friday we were fairly lazy except for the schooling that Selena was just insistent Papa help her with. On Saturday we took a nice family drive to Olympia for some shopping. We don’t do much family shopping considering it isn’t one of Papa’s favorite things to do, but since he wanted new shoes it was an excellent excuse to turn it into a family outing.

Yesterday we did the yearly pumpkin fun. Papa had picked out the pumpkin this year and surprised Selena with it.


I always get such a kick out of her excitement, especially when the pumpkin is cut open. Ever notice how for some reason that always is like a huge surprise as to what might be inside? I told Papa next year I would love to pre-cut it and put a real surprise inside.


It didn’t take her long to dig right in and start cleaning the pumpkin out. I wanted seeds to bake, but she had way too much fun squishing everything in her hands making pumpkin soup, so we didn’t get many seeds and didn’t bake them this year.



Of course if you have followed my blog for very long you know the pumpkin ended up in my pot, to be cooked down for pumpkin pies and cookies.



We ended up getting enough pumpkin for 10 pies and two batches of yummy pumpkin cookies. You can find my pie recipe here. My recipe for pumpkin cookies can be found here. Selena was a little disappointed that we didn’t do some baking, but by the time I got to this point, it was time to fix dinner. I think we will do some baking here real soon though.

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  1. That picture of here with the pumpkin is precious.

  2. I love the look of excitement on her face. This made me realize that we didn't carve the pumpkin this year - maybe Lars will be up for it today.

  3. Kids are so much fun with pumpkins. Hopefully, we're picking up some pumpkins today.