Friday, October 26, 2012

Week in Review

It has been a busy week between appointments and with Papa’s hours changing at work, We didn’t get as much accomplished as I would have liked, but yet we really did accomplish quite a bit.

Selena continues to love her PACE curriculum and was very excited when her Math and English came in. It has been fun to watch as her writing skills continue to improve. There is a lot of writing in this curriculum, but so far she is enjoying exploring how to make her letters and numbers.

One of her first assignments in her English though simple dot to dot abc’s, but with a twist she had to use a strait edge to make her lines between the dots. She was so excited to think she was going to use a ruler, too bad I couldn’t find her ruler but this worked even better for her small hands.


Selena asked me if we could map out the planets, so that will probably where we will go next week.So long as we have red for mars, according to Selena!  We would have sat down yesterday and started this fun project idea, but Selena had invited a little friend over for a play date. Selena has had play dates before here at the house, but this one was really a special one, as she made the invitation and gave it to her little friend who attends Team Kid with her. Also this young girl is the same age as Selena, so they were able to relate on so many more levels. We couldn’t have asked for a better day this time of year, while the sun was not out, it was really pleasant and wasn’t raining, so the girls spent a lot of time playing outside.

We also took a break from our outside play to come in and eat popcorn, watch a little TV and play on the white board, along with other games.



We look forward to having Selena’s friend over again soon. I have to say it was so nice for me just to see Selena making friends with girls her own age. This is the beginning of a whole new world for Selena now.

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  1. Sounds like a great week. Mapping out the planets sounds like it will be fun! Glad she enjoyed her play date! I couldn't find a ruler one day and I printed one up online and glued it to the back of a cereal box. Now, the kids still use that one instead of the real ruler!

  2. They look so happy together! I am glad it was a great week!

  3. I agree it's a great week. So are you following a specific curriculum for science or just following Selena's lead?

  4. I love that Selena is so engaged in her new homeschooling world. The playdate pictures are lovely. Anna absolutely loves playdates with her best friend, and having him over for her small birthday party on his own without his little sister was "the best present ever" for Anna