Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Curriculum Choice

Now that we are settled into the idea that we are homeschooling again, I began to shop curriculum. Today while following up with our Pediatrician, she referred me to A.C.E. curriculum. While her children go to public school she also homeschools them in the evenings. I guess that makes sense, beings she is from China…and coming to the United States she found the education system rather lacking.

While looking through Christianbook.com I found a lot of the A.C.E or PACE curriculum. As I looked through the sample pages I was sold on the material. We ordered the First Grade Science and History curriculums. They are so rich in pre-reading and writing, while they cover the core subjects, and knowing that I have plenty of math curriculum I didn’t see at this time the need for anything more.

Until we get our books we will enjoy a lot of reading, start some math, and continue to work on crafts as well as writing. Selena continues everyday to work in her AWANA handbook, and showed off to her Pediatrician her reading ability from her handbook. Her Pediatrician reminded me that this handbook is actually geared for 2nd grade.

We still struggle in the area of the classroom setting, and from what we’ve been told so far from both the Pediatrician and the Psychologist, we might just end up being full time homeschoolers, and fit in as much organized and unorganized group learning and playing in our schedule as we can. I will say since all this came about it looks like our homeschool community is trying to get more things going, with skate parties every other Friday, a harvest party scheduled, and I look forward to meeting one other mom for a time of kid play as well as brainstorming on other things we might incorporate for all the homeschoolers in our area to enjoy.

We have had our stresses, as far as working with all the doctors as to could we be dealing with other issues, such as ADHD or Autism spectrums, but it seems pretty clear that we just have a child who is too bright for her own good, and who is dealing with a lot of issues surrounding her mom, that she truly just doesn’t understand. We see some pure classic sensitivities and behaviors that are seen in many “gifted” children. Will we have her tested down the road, you know at this point, I will say it is a good possibility, so that we can understand the complexities of Selena better. Right now though we are taking it day by day, week by week, and allowing Selena through play to open her world up as to her emotions, feelings, angers, and fears. We do know that no matter what it is that drags her down at times, she is still a very bright, beautiful, and happy child.

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  1. I think you are wise in the way you have handled the whole situation. Selena is so blessed to have you at her side.

  2. I'm glad to hear your local homeschoolers are getting more active, it will give you more things to do with her.

    It sounds like you are making lots of wise decisions.

  3. Good luck on the journey you have chosen. I hope you will meet some new friends on your way.