Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Week

One might say we’ve had a pretty quiet week, really didn’t accomplish very much. Though it truly was a week full of pretty craziness in our home. A week ago as Papa was regrouting the tub, three tiles fell off the wall to reveal a water problem


It was definitely a problem that needed to be repaired before it got worse. At this point we could only hope it wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be. Upon further investigation more issues were revealed.

DSCF1157 They found wet newspaper that had been wrapped around the pipes to insulate them from freezing. Now if that doesn’t say the age of our house. At this point they began to worry about what might be found underneath the tub and further up the wall. We were beginning to wonder if we would have to relocate while the work was being done to fix this problem.

The day arrived on Tuesday when the contractor came out to punch his way behind the tile and assess the real damage.



As you can see we were very lucky that the water had not gone any further then it did. Had we not caught it when we did they could have been knocking out the entire wall and removing the tub.

During this process which has now taken the entire week, Selena has been very good to stay out of the worker’s way. We are on our way to getting the job finished. The tile is up, the grout is in place, just one more day of sealing this and then let it dry over the weekend.

In other news, Selena earned her uniform and handbook in AWANA, she was so very proud of herself. While listening to the CD, which has the entire handbook on it, she suddenly came to the realization that “Jesus died for MY (Selena’s) sins!” I might add right at this point that yes, a tear did fall from my eye.

We’ve had fun this week, even with all the construction, people coming in and out of the house, we managed to share some fun laughs playing the Nintendo together, trying to get outside as much as possible, and spent a lot of time cuddled up reading books, coloring, and just enjoying being together.

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  1. I am glad that you caught damage in time! Could be much worse. Selena is a smart little girl!

  2. I'm sure a tear would have been falling from my eye as well!

    How amazing you caught it when you did!