Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where We’re Headed

Yesterday morning Selena woke up and when she realized the kids were headed to school, she did ask about it. We talked a bit and she came to the conclusion that maybe staying at home for at least one more year would be great. No sooner could she decide this that she started hunting down her workbooks.


While she still is unsure of trying her writing on her own, she does enjoy copying the lines to form the letters. Yes, every workbook has to do with writing and she had to have everyone of them open at one time. After this activity she pulled out her color books and crayons and actually spent quite a bit of time just coloring.

She really wanted to go out and ride her bike after lunch, and just knew that the rainbow she seen that morning meant the rain would stop so we could do just that.


That wasn’t the case though. She ran in and picked out her clothes got dressed only to look out the window and exclaimed, “It’s raining Grandma!” She was disappointed, but quickly grabbed the scrabble game and set it up to play a game.

We have decided that we will continue to homeschool for the next couple of years. Papa will be retiring within that time, and we have talked about looking at some areas including Papa’s hometown where we will have more options for schools or even homeschool co-ops. This plan is not in gold, but it is something we are considering and praying about.

In the meantime we feel baby steps are needed to help Selena handle her anxieties, fears, and help her to understand what being in a classroom setting is suppose to look like. I doubt we will do AWANA this year, but will step out for Team Kid. I feel this might be a good place to start since Selena knows many of the kids who attend, there will be about 15 to 18 kids, ranging from 5 to 12 years old. Since it is the Pastor’s wife that teaches this, Selena will know her very well, and she will know Selena very well. She will be able to team up with an older child who can help her through, and there will also be a couple of the Youth there to help with the class. We will also access the Y for swimming lessons and some PE classes, which will give her more exposure to formal instruction.

At this time we don’t know where our journey will take us, but we know that what really counts is that Selena is happy and continues to have that drive to learn. I will say this much, now that the stress is gone from Selena, (worrying about school), we are seeing our little girl once again wanting to grow, mature, and come back to all the activities she loved before we even started talking about sending her off to school. When asked what she wanted to do today when she first woke up, she informed me, “Clean the house! What else would we do Grandma? You clean the kitchen and dust the living room, and I will mop and vacuum.”

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  1. You know, I don't think that has EVER been my kids first response when getting up in the morning :)

    Team Kid sounds like a really neat program.

  2. I am glad that you found peace with where you are headed. I just had a talk with Anna this morning that made me realize she has a lot of anxieties of her own - mostly related to books she read lately. Sometimes knowing too much too early might not be as good as it seems to be.