Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last Days of Summer


We woke this morning to temperatures near freezing, WOW 39 degrees, a thin layer of frost on the ground and quite a chill in the air. Selena was still insistent that she was going to get outside and do some more bike riding. We had some things to do inside before we could head outdoors, plus we had to let it warm up just a bit, well quite a bit.

We moved Selena’s desk back out to the living room, since I will not expect her to do any school related work in her bedroom. She was very happy to get her desk moved back out and happily sat at it ready to do whatever I asked her to do.

As we still continue to build upon on our reading and math skills our main focus here is writing. I told Selena that today I wanted her to try very hard to write some of her letters independently and not just copy the ones in the books. She worked by herself for nearly a half hour when she finally announced she was done. While that seems like a long time for us only getting lower case a and b from her, it took a lot of gaining that confidence, and focus to do so.

We got two and a half lines of lower case a, and one line of lower case b, of course you know she practiced by copying the ones in the workbooks first. I was very proud of her work though and gave her smiley faces besides her work. She did get a unhappy face on the lower case c page as she did get a little distracted and scribbled on the page. We talked about how we don’t scribble on our workbook pages, if we feel like we are done then we just put the workbook up for grandma to look at. However, I did give her a small happy face for at least copying a few of the lower case c’s. Yes, I am a sucker for the little efforts of trying.

By this time the weather was warming up enough so outside we headed. Though Selena has had kind of a whiny day, I feel all and all we have had a good day. Tomorrow we will be going to check out Classical Conversations, while I am not sure yet if we will add this as our co-op option or not, I figured I won’t know until we go and see. I will let you know of our decision in another post.

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  1. I cannot get Anna to write much at home, but she mentioned that she is starting to enjoy writing at school, so I am cautiously optimistic. Our teacher said that first grade's focus is on reading fluency, while writing fluency is a focus for the second grade - Selena has still quite a bit of time to become a confident writer.