Monday, September 17, 2012

Looking For Signs of Autumn

The other day while out playing Selena informed me that it was not Fall, she did not see any leaves changing on the trees. I’ve been watching the trees for about the last few weeks and have noticed the subtle of changes in the leaves. Yesterday I decided to take Selena out and see if she could discover the signs of Autumn.
It didn’t take her long to find a leaf that was beginning to change from green to a beautiful shade of red.
We don’t really have any trees in our yard so I asked her to look at the trees around our place. She was surprised to discover that not far away we actually had a tree with yellow leaves. She also pointed out that the little cherry tree didn’t have hardly any leaves left in it. I believe those leaves though probably were knocked off from all the birds that ate the cherries.
Now Selena is convinced that Autumn is on its way and is looking forward to many fun Autumn activities. In the mean time though she was one very happy girl to play catch with us. She pulled out her bat and ball and had Papa pitching to her, she has decided she wants to skip her last year of T-Ball and go right into Coach Pitch. Sorry sweetie, your just not old enough yet, so it will be one more year of T-Ball. I do have to admit she did hit the ball very well when Papa was pitching it to her. She will have no problem making the transition when the time comes.
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  1. We are also seeing signs of fall here. Went to the swimming pool on Sunday and discovered that the solar heater cannot heat it to the right temperature when the days are shorter. It was a short last swim of the season in a rather chilly water!

  2. Poor girl being forced to be in T-ball one more year. That cracked me up when I saw it on FB.