Sunday, September 16, 2012

Card Games

One of Selena’s favorite past times these days is to play cards. We can spend hours playing Go Fish and War. For her it doesn’t matter if she is winning or not, as she told me, “What matters is we are having fun and playing the game!” I love that attitude!

The other day we went to Burger King and in Selena’s Kid’s Meal was a deck of Uno cards. After we ate of course we had to open the cards and I taught Selena how to play Uno. I checked at Amazon, and while they do not have this same deck of cards, they have many variations of beginners Uno cards.


As you can see it looks very much like a regular deck of Uno cards, but there are fewer so the games are quicker. There are numerous variations that you can play, you can play by color, picture, or number. I really feel this is one game that a child from age 4 on up would greatly enjoy. Think about all the different things that can be taught from this one deck of card, matching pictures, colors, numbers, the skill of critical thinking, and strategy.

I am so happy that Selena loves cards. I am an avid card player and while Papa is not, I have missed playing cards. I look forward to teaching Selena some real fun card games here very soon.

Just on a side note: I have often heard that public school teachers will often come to us homeschoolers for ideas that can be used in their classroom. Today a good friend of mine who is a 3rd grade teacher was so overwhelmed and impressed with the idea of the lap book. The link she had showing this idea came from a blog of a homeschooler. Now who can say we homeschoolers do not know what we are doing?

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  1. We use Uno cards for all kinds of math games.

  2. It amuses the heck out of me when public school teachers do that.

    I need to check out what other games Burger King has right now. Maybe a meal there is in order :)

  3. We play Uno here too from time to time. Anna learned it in Y and taught me how to play :) It's better with more people, I think.