Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back To School Shopping

Yes, I know I am on a Blog Vacation, but I had to share our back to school shopping day. As we left home yesterday determined to get a head start on back to school shopping, Selena announced she wanted her hair cut too. I agreed and we stopped to get  her hair cut. I asked her how she wanted it cut and she said she wanted her bangs cut short. When it came time to actually getting it cut she informed the little gal cutting her hair, she only wanted them a little shorter, and showed her a quarter of an inch. You will see in the pictures she looks no different then before she got her hair cut.

We picked out 5 outfits, and got the rest of the supplies on her list. Well, almost all of the supplies on her list, since they asked for 10 white glue sticks, well come to find out all we could find were purple glue sticks. I finally found packs that had 3 white and 3 purple, so I got two of them and said that will just have to do as I was not driving clear to Olympia just to look for glue sticks.

Well, here comes the fun part, Selena modeling her new outfits. We still want to get a couple more pair of pants, and she still needs shoes.




I think she did very well picking out her outfits. I do think that the blue one is just adorable on her, while I do love them all for some reason that blue one is just the cutest little outfit I have seen. Of course I think all of you who have been following us can guess the outfit that she bought for the first day will definitely match her back pack…yes, that is right she ran for the Hello Kitty dress.

We did have fun shopping for back to school, and I know she is going to enjoy when she finally gets to wear all her new clothes, for now though they are in the closet until school starts in exactly 4 weeks.

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  1. Oh, at least you have a nice summer break. The kids here are back to school this week. She looks lovely in all the outfits. She also looks ready to go to school!

  2. Very pretty outfits.I think purple glue will work just as well. In fact, I like it better than white, because kids can see where they are putting their glue.

  3. It looks like a fun time was had. I just took my kids for a bit of back to school shopping yesterday. The boys outgrew all of their shirts.

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