Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Week

We’ve really had some nice weather, though at times the wind has been a bit chilly. We have tried to get outside everyday. Selena is enjoying going on nature hikes even though it is just around our home. On one such hike we discovered this cute little tree frog. Papa was kind enough to hold him while I was able to get a picture.

DSCF0685 DSCF0689

Bugs and insects have been a huge favorite. Watching all the bees, to observing ants and spiders has kept Selena very busy in her exploration. She is climbing into every shrub, and tree just to see what bug she might find next. After playing a game of hide and seek she discovered a little friend had attached himself to her hair. She thought it was a caterpillar at first and was very surprised and bewildered when I informed her it was actually an inch worm.

DSCF0697 DSCF0698

Of course I myself have been having fun with all the different plants and flowers we have in the yard. There has been enough nature to keep all of us busy exploring every inch of our property.

DSCF0705 DSCF0720
DSCF0725 DSCF0700

I often just try to figure out what is going on in Selena’s head when we get pictures like the following. Sometimes she seems so engrossed, and yet unsure she really likes the idea of what she is doing.

DSCF0715 DSCF0718
DSCF0722 DSCF0735

The one constant at our side continuously is Pal. He is never far from Selena’s side these days.


You better believe we are taking advantage of every bit of sunshine we can get. As you notice we can’t seem to peel Selena’s Montesano Little League sweatshirt off her. I don’t blame her though as I love mine too.


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  1. I love Selena's jacket!
    Lovely collection of pictures.

  2. Ha ha, her face is so serious in those pictures.

  3. I am glad your weather allows you some time outside. I am sure an active child like Selena needs it a lot! Pretty flowers!