Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Weekend


Selena and all the kids practiced real hard on Saturday. Selena even came home and fell sound asleep on the love seat. Come Sunday practice and most of the kids were still feeling pretty out of it come practice. They just didn’t have the focus at all.

They did get to go to the real baseball diamond and practice for half of the time, but this proved to be very overwhelming for many of them, who up to now have only practiced on the grass. The kids were more interested in digging in the gravel, dragging the bats through it, filling their mitts with it, and of course throwing it up in the air.

Selena ended up getting gravel in her left eye, so we had to leave practice early. When we got home, which thankfully practice was in the field across the street from us, we began to flush her eye out. Once I felt we probably got all of it, or hoped we had, we took her to ER to make sure. Poor thing her eye was hurting her pretty bad at this point. They did numb up the eye and checked it and sent her home with some eye drops to help it not get infected.

Tomorrow is liable to be a lot of fun as two teams of children hit the baseball diamond for the first time for their first game. I just hope that Selena has learned that the gravel is for running on and not throwing up in the air over her head.

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  1. Ouch! I got a piece of sand in my eye once while gardening, and it was very painful. I am happy that Selena didn't get her cornea scratched. Good luck to her on her first game!

  2. My comment was going to be the same as Natalies - ouch!