Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hard Lessons Learned


I was hoping to have pictures and a great story of Selena’s first game to share this morning. We spent the day preparing for the BIG game, the first game of the season. I prepared an early dinner, made sure Selena’s uniform was ready and the excitement was building. However, an hour before the game I turned to see something in the corner of Selena’s eye. She had some puss coming out of her eye. Knowing this could be a sign of infection we or I had a hard decision to make. We would not be making it to the game.

Selena was very disappointed especially since she could watch the game from our front room window. She complained a bit about seeing her team gathering out on the field. We asked her who created this…her answer came with just a finger pointing back at herself. She chose then to not watch the game and just sit and pout. My heart of course couldn’t help but break for my little girl who was so devastated at this moment.

She had been fighting her eye drops but after this experience come bed time she was reminding me to put her eye drop in her eye, her little voice rang out, “I need to take care of my eye so I can make it to Saturday’s game.”

It is always so hard to see our little ones have to go through things like this, and to have to learn lessons the hard way. Though I do feel that all in all Selena handled the entire situation with so much grace and such a sense of maturity.

I am feeling that what we seen in her eye could have been a little more dirt or dust coming from it since we haven’t seen anymore stuff in it. While my heart breaks a bit that we didn’t take her to the game anyway, I feel that Selena did a little bit of growing up through this whole experience. I hope she realizes her actions not only affect her but her team, friends, and that following directions is in her best interest. 

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  1. So sorry that Selena missed her first game! I hope her eye gets better quickly.

  2. That is a hard one - hopefully she'll be all better for Saturday.

  3. Oh, that must have so hard for you both! (Wow, that must have been some eye infection....I have never heard of puss coming out of an eye!)

  4. Oh poor girl. I'm sure she's learned her lesson