Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update on Selena

We made the trek to Olympia yesterday, to see what her doctor thought on her cough. Her lungs were clear, but there was still a wheeze and of course the cough to address. Selena brought home her little Penguin, igloo and all.




OH and a dinosaur mask! We had to entice her to take her Nebulizer treatment by letting her play her Nintendo through the process. Also putting the penguin on a pillow and covering it with a blanket helped, but I did catch Selena peeking out of the corner of her eye a few times just to make sure that penguin was not going to jump out at her.

Now we just are hoping this isn’t going to be the onset of asthma, since there is so much of that runs in our family along with her mommy.

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  1. The dinosaur mask is a brilliant idea - but hopefully it won't be asthma, and the dinosaur won't have to be a regular friend!

  2. It took me a second to realize the penguin was the nebulizer. I agree the mask is brilliant for little kids.

  3. We have had to have inhalers, too. It is a bad respiratory illness that is going around, but we are finally getting better. Hopefully, Selena will, too, soon.

  4. A nasty virus is going around here too. Luckily, Anna seems to have burned it off in one very sick day. I hope Selena feels better soon!