Thursday, March 8, 2012

Planting A Tree

A couple of weeks ago Selena and I ate at I-Hop, they gave us some seeds for a tree to plant. Selena has been wanting to plant these seeds since we brought them home. Though I feel it might still be early with the frosty mornings we are receiving, I gave in and set the seeds to soak yesterday.

Before we headed out to plant the tree we read Johnny Appleseed. Selena enjoyed the story and asked hopefully that her seeds be that of an apple tree. After a little examination and a little research we discovered that our seeds were of the pine tree family, but that didn’t disappoint her one bit.


I love these All Aboard Reading books, they are easy enough for Selena to read fairly independent, while still allowing room for her to expand on her vocabulary, and practice sounding out words. They are short, but to the point, not going off in some non-fiction variation of the main character or subject. Yet, simple enough for they young mind to get a good grasp of the information.

Yesterday, even though Selena still had a cough, it was sunny and a pleasant 50 degrees. A good day to bundle up and head outdoors. The first thing we did was choose the right spot and begin to remove some rock, along with dig our hole.


We then retrieved our seeds to plant them. Selena proudly carried them from the house to her hole.

DSCF0256 I believe it was about the time that we put the seeds into the ground that Selena decided to try to wake up a mole. I laughed and told her good luck, that the mole was probably long gone, but she didn’t care, she was off on a mole hunt.


We stayed outside for a while, Selena played and I began a little Spring clean up. After coming in Selena kept telling her tree to grow, grow, grow. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

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  1. What a nice spring thing to do!

  2. Awww how sweet. I'm guessing she didn't find the mole, but didn't really care in the end.

    I need to remember to try soaking the seeds when planting. I wonder if that would make a difference in my success rate.......

  3. I hope the tree does grow. We keep talking about getting a tree for our front yard, but it would be a sapling, not the one grown from a seed.