Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Wonderful End to the Day

After a long day in Olympia, where we went and discussed a few things with Selena’s Pediatrician, nothing serious, just had some questions about some things we have observed. Her Pediatrician assured us that what we are seeing is normal for a very bright, (gifted) child. She did say if these things got worse, we would then consider screening her for OCD. I feel pretty confident that what her Pediatrician is saying though is just the way it will be, and we will not have any further screening.

After that we were able to go up and visit my friend in the hospital. The one we have been praying so hard for, who had such a hard time with her Chemo. She is now off life support, and her kidneys are beginning to function on her own. She is looking forward to moving to a Rehab Center so she can continue to build her strength so that she can come home. It was so nice to spend the afternoon with her, giving her husband a much needed break, to get a little more rest.

Selena and I settled in for a good game of Checkers. I was very proud of Selena since this is the second time she has played. The first time she played with Papa. She really is picking checkers up fast, how to move her men as well as a little strategy beginning to develop.


We finally called it a draw when Selena started to lose her attention a bit, but that was only after we both got all our men that we had left on the board crowned. While yes, I took it a little easy on her, but not by much, she is truly beginning to hold her own with checkers. It won’t be long before she might be giving me quite the battle.

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  1. Even if she has OCD (my James does) they will only offer medication, which is useful only if it is severe. Lots of patience and consistency is really the only thing you can do for a mild case.

  2. I am so glad to hear that your friend is doing better! We also play checkers from time to time, and Anna starts getting the strategy. She still hates to lose though.

  3. YEAH for your friend doing better!

    I need to try and teach the kids checkers, Jeff started teaching the boys chess, and they're really enjoying that.