Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend and This Week


Weather wise for us over the weekend did not make for outside fun. We had very cold, windy, wet, and even a little snow, so we did a lot indoors. Selena enjoyed some Nintendo time, which is limited to her or that is all she would do. Also she thinks it is fun to do nothing but record and play back the recording, until she gets too carried away and ends up loosing the Nintendo. Limiting it just helps to keep her more focused on her games.

Sunday, Selena was very proud of herself for taking communion for the first time. After service we stayed for the Soup and Sandwich Potluck. She played with the other two girls very well while we waited to begin eating. After we finished eating and visiting we were on the hunt to find Selena so we could go home. We found her sitting in the Baptism Tub, she informed us she was practicing to be baptized.

I wasn’t planning on taking her back to church for Team Kids, but upon discovering she left Hoppy at the church, we did end up there. Selena had fun the first half of the evening, but quickly got tired and we had to come home. We are discovering that Selena does not do as well in large groups as she does in smaller groups. This will be a huge challenge when it comes to finding activities for her. She did enjoy playing human tic tac toe.


Monday morning we finished up the school work from her new curriculum. We’ve had to make a few adjustments in the way we are using the curriculum, which is fine, the main change was that Selena does better by working on Capitol Letters, then the Lower Case, so that is where we are beginning.

I asked her where our unit study would go this week. She wants to stay in Australia, and look at a different State, also she informed me she wants to look for Panda Bears in Australia. Now, at this point I think you know that we will not find Panda Bears in Australia, so this got me to thinking, maybe we will look into the climate, and environment, then compare these with what the Panda Bear needs, and see if Selena can figure out why she would not see Panda Bears in Australia. Stay tuned to see how this weeks, unit study turns out.

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  1. That sounds like a fun way to follow up on finding panda bears.

    It could also be an age thing for large groups. Our boys used to freak out at large groups, but they're slowly getting better at it, and now they're okay/looking forward to it in some settings (Kung Fu).

  2. The human tic-tac-toe looks like it would be fun. What challenging group that must be for the teacher - the age range is so wide!

  3. I like your fun, easy approach to your Australia study.

  4. Love the first picture - Selena looks so pretty. Anna is doing much better now with big groups unless she is tired. Then she wants to cuddle :)