Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Selena’s Play Date

I got a call from a friend yesterday, she was in need of someone to watch her granddaughter while they attended an information meeting. Of course I wasn’t going to turn her down, as I have wanted to get her granddaughter over for a play date for sometime. While her granddaughter is a couple of years older then Selena, they have been friends since Selena was two. They have always attended each other’s birthdays, and played as often as we can get them together.

The weather was absolutely beautiful again for February, so we took the girls outside to play. It is nice to have the lower pasture that is all fenced in so that the girls could kick and throw their ball around with no worry of ending up out in the street.


They played all afternoon until it was dinner time. After dinner they spent the rest of the evening playing all sorts of indoor games, from hide-n-seek, to cooking on Selena’s stove. They read books together, and even colored and wrote notes back and forth.

It was really nice to have someone to entertain Selena for the evening, instead of her thinking that Papa and I having to be her playmate all evening long. Papa found out that it is pretty nice to have two children close in age to entertain each other, of course he hasn’t seen the flip side, the sibling rivalry.

I am so thankful that the weather has been so nice midway through winter here, it’s been nice to be able to get outside and break up the cabin fever we are usually feeling about this time of year. 

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  1. I agree with Papa, it is wonderful. However those sibling squabbles can be quite tiring.

  2. I see playmates taking more and more important role here. It's pretty neat to have playdates with kids who match - it creates a lot of free time for adults :)