Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lovely Saturday

We woke this morning to a little frost on the cars, but it quickly thawed out and began to warm up. We got up to the mid 50’s, so we headed straight outside for some sun and fun. Selena rode her bike until her little legs could hardly push the pedals any longer. She then retreated to her swing set. Finally we had to say it was time to go in. I do believe she wore herself out.


She hadn’t burned off all her energy and quickly started playing with her trains and little ice cream truck. Now that she just finished reading everything that I just typed to this point, she headed back over to play with them some more. She cracks me up!

It was very nice to get our side, in the sun, and just have fun. Who knows what tomorrow will bring weather wise. We just have to take advantage of every opportunity we get.

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  1. Yes, in your climate you should take advantage of every lovely day you get. I feel guilty sometimes that we don't spend more time outside.

  2. Yes we do, it's so important to take advantage of pretty days. We've been passing around a bug of some sort around our family and I've been sick for that last two days. Ick.