Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Better Day


While we woke up to a very dreary day, school was something Selena was looking forward to. Last night I took the time to write out some different simple facts about Australia, but I left the lower case a out. Selena went right to work on writing the a’s in the blanks as we read it together. We got close to half way through this paper and will finish it on Thursday. She also colored her map of Australia, she had to make it look just like the map in my atlas.


If you remember correctly Selena had lost interest in coloring. She is slowly beginning to enjoy coloring once again. She is still very careful to stay in the lines, while she doesn’t always fill in the entire area, she is finding coloring to be enjoyable again.

We did practice our phonics, the process of having to slow down and really take the time to sound out each letter seems to be a bit of a difficulty for Selena, she just wants to look at the word and speed through, sometimes she throws letters in that are not there. I really am glad that we did choose this curriculum, so that she can slow down and get this very important reading skill mastered more. I find it funny that she can break down large words and sound them out but the small three letter words tend to be more of a struggle, maybe it she just doesn’t feel they hold the same challenge level of the longer words.

We also fit in our bible study on the Determined Spirit. I thought this was a perfect place to start and easily interpreted it’s meaning from the story of a little boy clearing rocks out of the garden area so the family could plant a garden, to what it means to having a determined spirit for learning.

She also practiced some cutting skills. As well as working on writing her numbers and a little following the maze by numbers. I must admit she did very well, since this is the first time we’ve tried covering more then one piece of material at one sitting. I was proud of her.

Selena still hasn’t decided on which direction she wants to go in with the study of Australia, but she sure was excited to discover that it is one of the largest countries as well as an Island. I wouldn’t be surprised if our actual study doesn’t end up with a quick trip to Tasmania, since Selena zoomed in on that island really fast, and kept talking about it throughout her map work. Stay tuned and see!

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  1. I look forward to seeing where it goes! How kids interpret their skills is always interesting to me.

  2. Tasmania sounds like fun! Australia has so many interesting animals - it ought to make for a great study.

  3. Good luck! We "visited" Australia several times in our studies already. Our Worldwide Classroom ( has some cool printables.