Monday, January 9, 2012

A Quiet Weekend

We spent a quiet weekend just being together. For Selena quiet can come in many forms. She chose several activities to entertain herself and us with. One such thing that she had so much fun with was her sight words. She went through them with me many times, but we made a rule that not only did she have to say the word but use it correctly in a sentence. I was very proud when she was able to distinguish between words similar in pronunciation but with different meanings, of course the most common example would be no and know.

She rediscovered the box of small books that she first began to read out of. She went for the harder of these books and easily read several of them to us. A few of them had pictures in place of some of the words. We got a kick out of her when she read the pictures meaning in the front of the book, but would skip over them through the book. I asked her why she was doing that and she simply told me, “I don’t read pictures, I read words.” She still at times just amazes us with her reading ability, to be able to put the sounds together and read words that we didn’t even know she knew, such as porridge.

I also set out this weekend to expand on our Domino playing and start teaching Selena how to play Mexican Train. She did very well, of course we still need to work with her on the strategy process. She hung right in there through all the games we played, even when we played two games in a row, upon her request.


I won the first two games, but Selena with a little assistance from Papa won me fair and square the third game.


Papa kind of forgot the rules and we ended up with two Trains going, but that is OK, It truly was just fun to see how quickly Selena was picking up on how to interpret the number on the domino based upon it’s color. She actually would stop and even count the dots just to make sure she was correct.


Look at how her dominos spanned across the table, down and back across past the beginning point. She laid her last domino just before I was able to play my last one. I tried to get a victory smile from her but beings this was the second game by the time we finished it she was ready to head off to find something else to do. She was very proud of herself though for winning. I know we are going to enjoy many more games of dominoes in the near future.

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  1. What a great weekend. I don't know how to play Mexican Train - but we are learning how to play checkers. I also had to look the rules up, because apparently American rules are different from the ones I grew up with.

  2. That's one of the versions of dominoes that I know the name, but don't think I've actually played.

    I always love seeing when a kid finally gets a new game and is able to play it well enough to win.

    My in-laws love to play a version where you're using them like cards. It's so confusing.