Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Dearest Selena


Now that you have turned 5 it does not mean that all the rules that we have had in place since forever does not just get up and walk out the door. Now that you are 5 we would hope that you would have these rules all memorized and they would be like second nature to you. Wait a minute you do have them memorized, in fact you were the one who told me what these rules were so I could write them down on paper and hang them in a place where you can read them everyday. I guess then that means you are actively making the choice to not follow them.

Selena, Mama and Papa have these rules for many reasons:

  1. To keep our home running in some sort of a mannerly order
  2. To train you to be a fine young lady someday who respects not just your property but the property of others.
  3. For your own safety, We would not like to see you fall from a piece of our furniture and get hurt really bad.
  4. All homes have rules, many very similar to the list above. Your home is really no different then any other little girl or boy’s home.

At times I think you think we are just being mean, but honey just the opposite we love and care about you so much that we do our best to enforce the rules. We care about the type of person you will grow into, and the person you are today. We care about the little things like your manners, respect for yourself and others, and of course your safety. It is our hope that you will try to remember these rules, (wait you have them memorized) anyway that you will follow these rules throughout the day. We know you are not perfect, though we also know that these rules are not that difficult either.



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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha, that is awesome!

  2. Fantastic. Even our 14 year old seems to think we have rules because we are being mean - sigh. Parenting can be so difficult!

  3. You know, we had a pretty difficult time with Anna directly after her birthday. She was testing non-stop. It was always as if she expected to be magically grown up and making her own choices once she turned 5. We had several showdowns, and things slowly returned back to normal. I hope this will be the same for Selena.