Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pack Selena Pack

After Selena finally realized that we were not sending her to our friend Kelly who lives in Mississippi, and that she was truly only going to be about 10 miles from home with a different Kelly, she got pretty excited for her weekend away. On Friday morning she insisted that she was going to pack. She found our suitcases, at first she insisted there was only one and she was using it. I finally got her to open it up to discover the smaller one inside. Of course she wanted to take the large one, but I insisted she was taking the smaller of the two.

The packing began.

100_6105 100_6106
100_6107 100_6108

She finally decided that her pillow didn’t fit, but boy she definitely needed to take a bowl for her cereal. I asked her, “What about clothes?”


100_6110 100_6111
100_6113 100_6115

She tried very hard to pack her big bear, but it wouldn’t fit either. She did remember to take her Barbies, Hoppy, one set of clothes, pajamas, shoes, and made sure she had her toothbrush and toothpaste.

She is ready to go!

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  1. I hope she has a good time! Anna keeps asking when she can go to her grandma. Hopefully this summer!

  2. I'm always amused at what kids pack to bring

  3. How cute that she wanted to bring a cereal bowl.