Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On Turning 50


As I reflect on what it means to me to turn the big 5 0, I am filled with so many blessings and so much joy. I had to chuckle the other night when my daughter said she was dreading turning 30. I will be honest for some reason for me turning 26 was harder then any other birthday. I don’t know why 26 seemed like such a huge thing to me. At 26 I already had a 5 year old and a 3 year old, was living on a 23 acre farm and was over all happy with my life at that time. I do believe for me though for some reason 26 marked the end of youthfulness, that sounds so hilarious now that I look back on it but that is just how I felt at the time.

Wow at 26 I had a 5 year old, now I am turning 50 and still have a 5 year old, well not still but again anyways. I never in my wildest dreams thought when I turned 50 I would still be raising children. I had my children early so that when I reached this age I would have plenty of energy to enjoy my life with my husband. Since life always doesn’t turn out the way we want it to, I must say I can’t imaging turning 50 without a child in tow.

I truly do not feel 50, if one can say your suppose to feel a certain way at any age. My circle of friends are younger then myself by 15 to 20 years. I guess it works that way due to having a 5 year old, one tends to be friends with the parents of their children’s friends. That isn’t bad though, as I love them all and enjoy their company.

I will spend my birthday at church running around with 16 little cubbies! With that in mind Papa and Selena went out yesterday and bought me a rose and a birthday card. Later in the month a friend has offered to keep Selena and Papa has made reservations for us to go spend the night at one of the near by casinos. While we are not huge gamblers, we do enjoy playing a few slots, I know we will enjoy a wonderful dinner, and not to say a night just to ourselves.

I am looking forward to what the next year holds for me, as well as to what the next several years will hold for us as a family. I do know that this will mark the year that my life will meet a lot of changes, changes in homeschooling, co-ops, extra activities, all the things I look forward to embracing to make sure that Selena gets all she needs out of her homeschool years. Now I ask daily what would I be doing if I didn’t have a 5 year old in this stage in my life? I don’t think I would enjoy life any better then I do now.

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  1. Happy birthday! I remember turning 30 being a bit tough, but my 30s have been wonderful. I'm sure Selena keeps you young; that's how I feel about my children.

  2. Happy birthday!

    For some reason 30 wasn't that hard, but seeing other people turn 30 was. I don't know why.

  3. Happy Birthday! We ARE close in age, aren't we? I turned 50 last month. Having young ones around will keep you young....young and tired. :)

  4. What a wonderful post! Turning 30 was hard for me, but I barely noticed turning 40, since my birthday present was buying and moving into our own house. Children are wonderful anti-aging medicine :) Happy birthday!

  5. I'm not sure my graying hair attests to the validity of the children as anti-aging medicine theory, but they do keep life lively!