Thursday, January 5, 2012

K-5 Learning Review

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I was contacted by K5 Learning and asked if we would like a 6 week trial of their online learning center in return for a review. I have visited many of the online learning centers and all have had features I have liked and features I haven’t liked so much. This was the first one though that I truly enjoyed and I know Selena did too.

K5 Learning covers Reading and Math for grades K through grade 5. I was very impressed with the simplicity of the site, it wasn’t over stimulating with things that distracted Selena from getting right to work and practicing all the skills. Though the characters and materials definitely held her attention.

Upon my free account being set up we went right to work to take their assessment tests. I enjoyed the fact that while the tests were long, the child did have the option to take a break and come back where they left off. I feel this is a must for any site that is offering assessment testing. After all life happens or for some to sit through an entire assessment test is really hard. The fact that the results of the assessment tests were pretty right on target with where I see Selena’s skills was a huge plus for me as well.

After taking the assessment tests then you can request grade changes as needed for each subject. I liked that option because not every child is on the same level in both math and reading. In the parents control area you are able to go through the assignments and assign more work in any area that you feel your child needs more help on. When they log in as a student there is a folder that holds the assignments that you have assigned.

The order in which the child works is very precise and in my opinion on target with any curriculum that you might be working with. For example in Selena’s math since she is on the lower end of the spectrum, she started with basic counting, then moved from there quickly to practice other skills needed before beginning actual simple addition. This also gave me the opportunity to see some of the areas we needed to work on, and the areas that we could skim over or skip all together. Did I feel Selena learned anything from the math area? She most certainly did.

The reading has a series of areas for phonics work to sight words as well as building the reading ability of the fluent reader. Since reading is one of Selena’s favorite things to do, of course she spent most of her time there. Though I will have to say as she learned more in the math area she began to equal her time out in both areas.

I really liked the fact that I could get progress reports on a daily basis. These reports would tell me the sections she had finished as well as the ones she was working on. This would help me in assessing the types of assignments I wanted to assign for her.

There is a 14 day free trial. After that you do have the option to continue the program for $25.00 a month or $199.00 per year. They also offer discounts for multi children families.

There is also one more option if you are a blogger you can request the opportunity to review their site with a 6 week trial. After that trial and a review is written you then qualify for their referral program, this basically means that if someone signs up and lists you as the referral you earn $25.00, now isn’t that a wonderful way of paying for your child’s membership? I sure think so.

I highly recommend K5 Learning as a supplement to any curriculum you may be using. Jump on over and give it a try for yourself, remember if you should choose to purchase a member ship mention that you were referred by me, I know Selena would be thrilled and so would I. You can find their site here.

I was offered a one time free trial of K5 Learning for my review. I was not compensated in anyway. The opinion above is my honest opinion.

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  1. I just got the email offering that, and am debating whether or not I'll try it. My fear is, if we do like it, that would be a lot of money a month......

  2. It looks like Selena enjoyed her trial. I never really got to try it yet, since we've been so busy. I know that I am not up for paying $25 a month for the membership though!