Sunday, January 15, 2012


Selena has been working very hard in her math. She has been making some huge leaps in her abilities. Remember we started this year using her math buddies and story problems for her to begin to learn the simple math. She has now moved beyond her math buddies to doing a little more formal math.

Yesterday, while Selena was taking her bath I set up our math for some review.


She was thrilled when she got out of the tub to discover this set up and could hardly wait to go right to work. I didn’t have to explain very much to her of how it works and she was able to work totally independently.


She would first find the rod that corresponded to the top number in the problem, then locate the one that corresponded to the second number. After she clicked them together then she was able to solve the problem.


Selena wanted to take the last picture of her work. You can get the idea how she was able to solve all her math equations all by herself.


With her writing coming along, who knows she could start writing her numbers as well, then she can log all her answers on paper.

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  1. Bravo, Selena! She seems to take delight in her accomplishments!

  2. Phyllis, she is always so excited over her accomplishments. That makes teaching her so worth it.

  3. I love blocks for math. Are those cuissenaire rods

  4. It's great to see our children' abilities develop. Those are nice sets and manipulatives too!