Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Enough With The Snow


As we are bracing for more snow, Selena and I got out and went to town today while we could still get out of our driveway, well, more like get back in our driveway. Going down is nothing, slide all the way down! Coming back up now that is the fun part! We got many supplies to ensure we could survive whatever the next couple storms throw at us.

Leah, I would most graciously send all this snow over to your side of the mountains. You can have it all, if only I could figure out a way to do so.

Phyllis, I know you are feeling a tad bit envious of our snow, believe me if I could share I would. Even if I could package it up and send it to you for one of your lovely State study packages, but I believe by the time it gets to you it would probably be a melted mess.

Ticia, you made a good point about children getting tired of snow too. Although right now it seems as though Selena is still praising the snow gods, or is it snow devils? Us adults however are trying to figure out how we can hook up all the generators in the area and create the largest radiated heat source we can to dry all these storm systems out before they get here.

The hard reality of all of this is that while the snow is so beautiful, and we have had a lot of fun playing in it. We all know once the thaw begins and the snows turn to rains, we will be dealing with the dreaded flooding.

In the meantime we are trying to have a light heart and spirit and take it however it comes. I leave you with what is probably my two most favorite pictures of the wintery blast we have had.

100_6037 100_6043
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  1. The first of it reached us late morning yesterday - thanks! Time for snow icecream :)

  2. I thought about making snow icecream, however with as bad as our snow is drifting, I don't want to go try to get clean snow.

  3. Well, it's been bitterly cold here, and kids are amazed to see frozen puddles in the morning. No snow though and no need to send some our way. It won't make it here anyway.

  4. Ha ha ha haha, it probably does not help to say that it almost reached 60 here. Though I have several friends who are really wishing they had cold weather.

    I guess we're just too thin skinned, Princess tires of cold after about 5 minutes.