Monday, November 14, 2011

AWANA Sunday/Gratitude Challenge

One of the nice things about living in a small town is the fact that throughout the community friends are not far away. From the time that we moved here we reached out and became friends with many people. This has proven to be a very valuable resource for us as we raise Selena. Through these friends we are able to easily find all the activities that we desire for Selena to be involved with.

With yesterday being AWANA Sunday, we chose to go to the church where Selena goes to AWANA. Makes sense since at our little church she is the only one in AWANA. This church holds a lot of fond memories for us, from the friends we have met in this church to the fact that Selena was dedicated in this church as a baby.

Selena dressed in her vest and was thrilled to discover a Sunday School class with many of her friends from Cubbies. She had a lot of fun in Sunday School and was able to tell me all about the bible lesson. It felt good for Papa and I to sit in on the Adult Sunday School class, without knowing there were other pressing things robbing our attention. It’s been a long time since I myself have sat in on an Adult Sunday School class.

They had all the AWANA children do something special through the beginning of the service, and also they sponsored the coffee hour after church. Selena enjoyed greeting all the people and handing out bulletins before church. After the singing she chose to join many of her friends and the younger children to go watch a movie instead of sitting through service. It was nice to see how comfortable she was at the church, normally Selena is not one to leave our sides or stray too far from where we are. Not that she is shy by any point but she has always had a little problem with attachment issues.

I haven’t said too much, but there have been issues at our little church, and an underline of tension. We had decided that we needed to take a break and visit somewhere else for a while. The tensions were beginning to penetrate within our home and in all that we tried to do. With a desire to breath life into what appears to be a dead church, trying to get activities that will help grow the church, only to have ideas fall on deaf ears, or all one’s work be cancelled by someone who will not step up with any reason why these things needed to be cancelled. We grew tired, we watched families come to never come back, families try to just leave. I took my position serious, poured love and attention to what I heard many wanted to see, only to end up with nothing. It is bittersweet, but all I know right now is that 2 hours today I felt all this tension GONE. At this point we know we will be visiting at this church and am unsure what will be down the road. Will we return to the church we have considered our home church? At this point that is undecided.

I am thankful for one of the joys of small town life, the fact that friends come from all areas within the small community. They are always there, no matter the season of life you might be going through. With love and tenderness, they are always happy to have you join them in fellowship.

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  1. This sounds like such a blessing to be able to go to! There are times I miss adult Sunday School, our church doesn't do it, but at the same time I know it's necessary to get people plugged into ministry with all of the kids we have.

  2. I think the new church might be a good place for you to just focus on prayer. It sounds like a warm and welcoming place that is also well run. Good luck!

  3. Love this post. You make me want to live in a small town. I think everyone's heart longs to be wanted and belong somewhere. Great program. Thanks for sharing and stopping by!