Thursday, October 27, 2011

Selena’s Pumpkin Part 2


After we were all finished, well on Selena’s terms of being finished I cut up and finished cleaning the pumpkin. After getting the first half in to boil, I prepared Selena’s seeds for roasting. I used this recipe from Almost Unschoolers.

While my pumpkin was in my large pot.


The pumpkin seeds were roasting in the oven. When the seeds were done I took them out, and to our surprised Selena loved them. She did share some with Papa.


After my pumpkin cooked I placed it in bowls to cool. Once that was done I began the work of removing the rind and ran it through my blender. This is the yield of pumpkin I got.

100_5563 From this to


I guess it looks like there will be a part three because my pumpkin was larger then I thought, so by the time I finished all of this I decided I would have to bake another day. Be looking for my pumpkin pie and cookies that Selena has requested. Selena had fun with this entire process except she didn’t like the blender and complained it was too loud. She did however ask at the end what had happened to her pumpkin, thinking it was gone. I chuckled as I showed her, where her pumpkin went, she giggled and said, “That is the funniest looking pumpkin I’ve ever seen.”

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  1. Cute. I always use canned pumpkin because it is so much easier. I do love roasting the seeds though.

  2. C didn't like the blender either. I'm glad Selena liked the seeds :)

  3. Wow, your pumpkin was huge! Anna is OK with blenders or mixers if she is allowed to handle them on her own (of course, I supervise tightly). I think I'll stick to pumpkin seeds - at least everyone likes that!

  4. pumpkin cookies? recipe please! Jeff loves all things pumpkin.