Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Plans/Selena’s Plans

My plans for yesterday was to cut into our pumpkin and have some real pumpkin fun. Selena however had plans of her own. She jumped up and came out dressed in one of her dresses. She always picks out her own clothes now and dresses herself. No matter how many pleas I made for her to change her clothes and for us to do our pumpkin, she was not having anything to do with it.

Her plan for the day was to play with her Legos. I truly did not argue much since she seldom ever asks for her Legos. She truly had a lot of fun just building to her heart content.



I did tell her though that tomorrow we have to get to the pumpkin. We had our first frost last night and while I have it in an area fairly protected from the elements, I know if we don’t get it done we might not have a pumpkin to enjoy. As for today though I chose to let her play her little heart out with her Legos, and wear her dress. Even with the sun shining so bright outside, she truly didn’t want to do anything but play with her Legos. That was fine with me too, because even though the sun was bright, it was very cold.

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  1. I hope you get to the pumpkin!

  2. We love the days when we can adjust the plans to fit what Anna wants to do. She is usually very self-directed and happy on the days like that, at least for a few hours. Unfortunately, now with her school schedule this only happens on the weekends, and they tend to fill up too.

  3. Those can be some of the best days!

  4. I hope Selena has as much fun with the pumpkin today as she had with her Legos yesterday!